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CIN7: An Online Inventory System for Growing Companies. www.cin7.com - 11 Aug 2011

How adding Cin7 to Xero or MYOB can create a quality mid-tier business system at a fraction of the cost.

Datum Connect has recently launched a cutting-edge online inventory system that is stress-free, easy-to-use and highly efficient. Called CIN7 it enables businesses to professionally manage their inventory at the click of a button.

Danny Ing, Director of Datum Connect, proposes CIN7 as the perfect partner to accounting system such as Xero and MYOB. This changes the previous requirement that you had to throw away you existing accounting system and migrate to a mid-tier accounting system to solve what was actually an inventory management issue. Cin7 combined with Xero or MYOB can provide all the functionality of a mid-tier system at a fraction of the cost. “Our programme has been carefully designed for businesses to seamlessly integrate all aspects of their inventory work. CIN7 covers the entire scope of your inventory needs, from front-end sales to production and workflow, right through to back-end integration,” says Danny.

Danny highlights real-time data as another crucial feature. “CIN7 instantly updates information regarding new products, pricing, descriptions and even inward goods. Real-time ordering also means that any inbound phone, fax or email orders received will result in the stock levels being automatically adjusted.”

With advanced technology coupled with a friendly user-face, CIN7 saves your business countless hours of pain-staking and messy inventory work.

Boasting a wide array of features, CIN7 streamlines workflow and business operations. Businesses are able to easily and effectively sell products to customers around the world, 24/7.

Danny highlights 5 key areas where CIN7 will save you time and effort:

1. “Real-time visibility and access for staff, suppliers and shoppers.”
The movement of inventory involves nearly everybody in the company and extends to customers and suppliers. One important goal of the Cin7 system was to make various parts of the system accessible to any person in the supply chain to carry out their job making it a real-time coordination of inventory and people.

2. “One centralised location for all products and inventory information.”
A typical example, a modern company has their inventory information in many places i.e. company website, point of sale system, accounting system, TradeMe, customer’s website. Cin7’s inventory system has a built-in online order and POS. Free integration into TradeMe and large retails like Foodstuffs etc can make managing product information and transacting with the supply chain effortless.

3. Innovative “Dynamic Views” technology means no more expensive customisation costs.
10 years of building shopping carts and integrating into different accounting systems has taught Datum Connect that every business is different. There was previously no way to build every function for every industry and predict what future requirements will emerge. The answer now is creating “Dynamic Views” where each module within Cin7 can be configured almost like a spreadsheet.  Each configuration can then be assigned to particular user groups then copied and configured again to another set of users. For example a “Dynamic View” for Company X filleting fish, can update the actual weights of each fillet or a key supplier viewing orders with their products to ship directly to the customer. A library of configurations will start to build allowing customers to download new reports and module configurations.

4. “Stock lookup and materials planning screen enables better purchasing decisions and one click purchasing.”
Often information about product performance is removed from the actual screen where a purchase order is made. Cin7’s stock lookup screen can bring up queries such as top selling products last week by supplier. From there with one click a purchase order can be created.
Material planning and forecasting is made easy with a screen to view expected demand and click to create purchase orders to match demand.

5. “Made-to-order the new kiwi manufacturing”
Many New Zealand growing companies are trapped between basic inventory systems to full-on manufacturing systems. Changing customer requirements at one end and fluctuating supplies at the other, make the traditional manufacturing approach to systems unnecessarily rigid and expensive. Furthermore Kiwi companies need to stay agile to customers’ needs to compete against low cost standardise overseas products coming from places such as China. Cin7 is designed especially for light manufacturing and made-to-order companies.

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